What We Do

At WebSiteWebHome we believe in the power of the internet to help people do what they love. Whether you are a small business owner, artist, writer, non-profit cause, or someone with an idea of what you’d like to do, we are here to help you succeed in life and business by creating connections for you and others interested in what you have to offer.

We have a very simple process for designing, developing, launching your website for you to start connecting with clients and visitors as quickly as possible.

1. Ideas: Free Consultation

Our first step is to get to know about who you are and what you in order to design a website that will effectively communicate what you have to offer with the online world. We will discuss ideas and examples (references to other websites that have a look and function you would like for your website) and reach a starting point to begin working on the design of your website.

Send us a message to have an initial consultation.
websitewebhome@gmail.com or use the contact form below.

2. Construction: Design and Development

We will design your website based on our previous consultation. We will then email drafts or previews of your design for you to request any changes you would like to be made until you are 100% satisfied with the website we have created for you. At the beginning of this step we will ask that you send any content – text, photos, and videos – to us to be used in the design and development of your website.

3. Launch: Start connecting!

Once you have approved the content implementation and design of your website, we’re ready to launch! We’ll announce your new website through our social media channels to spread the word.

4. Connect: Continue Connections and Support

We will continually provide hosting and support, advice for ways to connect with people socially, and any other methods that we can help you connect with people in the online world. We’ll offer suggestions about social media tools you can use and how to engage with your audience.

WebSiteWebHome is a Jack Saunsea company.


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